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Sam Combs (Founder of Good.Clean.Fun), Krystle Hampton (Partner & Social Media Coordinator), and's all over The City, The Country and THE WORLD are teaming up with Coffee Shops, Orgainzations and Schools to be the difference they want to see in the world. : )

Glove Carrying Member

$20 Sign up Donation

WHERE: ANYWHERE you see trash

(when walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, a routine commute to work or walking for coffee or to meet a friend... you know when you walk or run or crawl).



1: A pair of Gloves

2: Waterbottle

3: A tote bag

4: Dicounts and benefits with our partners around The City.


WHEN: Anytime you want ( take a selfie if you dont mind & send it to us via any platform( IG, FB, Email), we'd like to repost it!


WHY: Cause Good. Clean. Fun should be everywhere, not just McCarren Park.

G.C.F at MCCarran Park


1: Grab a pair of gloves, before, during or after your workout, sightseeing, walking the dog or just enjoying being in the park.


2: See Trash. 


3: Grab Trash.


4: Put trash in a trash bag (you'll find them in the park!).


5: Dump trash in your nearest trash can. There's over 100 of them!!!



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